Deviled Eggs 9/21/09

Every Monday morning, Crazie Talk culls Duke basketball news, articles, and videos into a half dozen of the best “Deviled Eggs” on the interwebs.

Here are this week’s best:


A tremendous tandem. Photo courtesy of

1. Captain Jon Scheyer breaks down 2009-2010

Jon is unbelievably valuable to this team. He’s calm, collected, and really understands the game and his role in the system. Let’s hope its a season to remember for him and fellow senior Captain Lance Thomas.

2. Mason Plumlee is a BEAST.

If Mason can play like this in the ACC, things are looking really, really good down low for Duke this year and beyond.

3.Recruiting Update: Kyrie, Harrison, and Austin Rivers

These next few weeks could be incredibly exciting for Duke basketball. On Friday, Kyrie eliminated Indiana from his list – a school previously thought to be in contention. With his official visit coming up this weekend, Duke is sitting pretty with a player who may be “the next Jason Williams“.

4. Harrison Barnes…what more is there to say?

Yeah, Harrison’s pretty good at basketball.

5. Duke students don’t know how good they have it…

A surprisingly positive take from The Dagger on Duke’s decision to allow graduate students to sit behind both baskets in Cameron this season.

6. Cameron Indoor Gets a Facelift

Check out our Photos page to see what the hallowed arena will look like this year!


Countdown to Craziness: Be There.

Lo and behold, college basketball season is almost upon us. On October 16, Coach K and the team will open the season with “Countdown to Craziness” in Cameron. Follow the jump for everything you need to know about what looks to be a hell of a weekend. Thanks to DBP once again for the link.