3 thoughts on “Crazie-Talk Live! Duke vs. Gonzaga

  1. Can someone tell me why Kyle Singler is playing so much worse than he did last year? Nolan and Scheyer are clearly better, but Singler is a liability this year. He can’t shoot and turns the ball over at an alarming pace (already 5 in this game).

  2. Singler struggled today compared to what we usually see out of him. He did have 5 turnovers, but finished with 9 points and 11 boards. Not a bad game at all. Scheyer and Smith were the stars today, Kyle only took 8 shots. And I wouldn’t say he “can’t shoot” either. He seems to struggle in New York for some reason. But let’s not forget his 28 point performance at Wisconsin.

    I consider a luxury to have multiple scorers on this team. If one of them has a bad game, the others pick him up. Not always the case for Duke—remember the JJ years?

  3. Singler is still adjusting to a new position. Also, he is learning to play in a different shape (much lighter) than he was in last year. There will be an adjustment period.

    On the positive side, unless he makes huge strides by the end of the year, he’s not nearly as likely to leave for the NBA at the end of the season. He’ll need one more year playing wing forward to be ready for that position as a pro.

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