Day Four: Ten Questions for Ed Davis & Co.

Here at Crazie Talk, we always want to ensure our audience of the most unbiased commentary.  Thus, we decided it’d be a good idea to interview(sort of) potential lottery pick social media connoisseur Ed Davis.

Here’s a small sample of questions Mr. Davis answered:

What’s your favorite nba team?

Ed: the nets they have been playing good lately

In your own words..whats really going on..? I don’t understand why we aren’t winning..we are more then capable.

Ed:  they didnt build rome in one day

You say Rome wasn’t built in a day, do you think we’re at the Seven Kings phase of Roman History, the Roman Republican Era, or have we progressed into the Roman Imperial Era? Please at least tell me we haven’t reached the invasion and fragmentation period.

Ed: the hell is u talkin bout

But Davis isn’t the only one who’s taken to social media to express his thoughts lack of  knowledge regarding Roman history. After the Heels gracefully bowed down to the mighty College of Charleston Cougars, this is what John Henson had to say:

Damn, John. Your own career isn't even relevant yet.

Henson isn’t the only one gracing the internets with his polished prose. Marcus GinyardDeon Thompson, Larry Drew, Will Graves, Justin Watts, Leslie McDonald, Dexter Strickland, and of course, Ed Davis, are also on Twitter. Amazing, isn’t it? (Crazie Note: there might be some inappropriate language on those pages. Just a warning.)

So guys, if you aren’t too busy with making other peoples’ lives relevant, feel free to answer these questions:

1) Ed, How does it feel to know that you could’ve left Carolina last year, with a ring and a lock to be a top-5 pick?

2) Dexter and Leslie, does John Henson looks more like Jeffrey the Giraffe, or Littlefoot?

3) Ed, how come “To Ed, With Love” doesn’t exist?

4) Ed, is your pillow as soft as your game?

5) Ed, say you were drafted by your dream team in last year’s draft, the Nets.  Do you think it’s better to get paid while losing, or are you okay with not getting paid and losing? (Crazie Note #2: you’ll probably be seeing this sign in Cameron)

6) John, How does it feel to have made Andrew Goudelock relevant?

7) John, Has this UNC team also made losing relevant?

8 ) John, Atkins diet, or south beach?  WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?

9) Marcus, are you gonna start next year?  Oh wait…

10) Will, how was the vacation (a.k.a last season)?  Did you get a chance to meet up with my boy Mike Phelps?

Bonus: Roy, how’s the arm feeling?  Throw any other fans out the gym lately?  Made hotel reservations for the CBI yet?

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  1. great article guys, best part is that since UNC isn’t getting any publicity Ed Davis just HAD to make a formspring. gotta get attention somehow right? Go Duke (:

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