Crazie-Talk on ESPN2 SportsNation at 4 pm Today!

HUGE NEWS, Crazie-Talk readers!

In what may be our ‘big bump,’ Crazie-Talk will be featured on the popular show SportsNation today on ESPN2 at 4 PM. Every day the show highlights one sports website that they like, and today that site is us!

Check out the show at 4pm on ESPN2 to see Crazie-Talk go global. I really hope we don’t draw the ire of Colin Cowherd, or god forbid, Skip Bayless make a guest appearance!

Thanks to all of our readers for making Crazie-Talk such a great experience for us to produce. We reached 100,000 total visits this morning – which is mind-blowing, seeing as the five of us started this site just under seven months ago. We appreciate all of your comments and feedback and hope you keep coming back!

5 thoughts on “Crazie-Talk on ESPN2 SportsNation at 4 pm Today!

  1. I saw you guys cut the Jason Williams promo video at Cameron. Went home checked out the website and have been checking it everyday since. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks guys…This was pretty huge for us. Hope we can have the clip up soon! Thanks for reading.

    Chris—that was awesome meeting Jason, right? He’s such a good guy.

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