Just got back to the Indianapolis hotel room, and it’s still sinking in. Duke just won its fourth national championship! Holy Lord. Holy Lord.

For now, I believe this picture says it all. Crazie-Talk will be crazy active in the next few days with a barrage of content from this amazing weekend.

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I’m still in shock. WE’RE THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

2 thoughts on “DUKE: THE 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

  1. Congratulations to the Blue Devils and coaches. I am proud of this team and especially the seniors. You have developed into a truly special group and a GREAT team.
    Thank you all for such an unbelievable season.

  2. How can DUKE not make the front of the Observer??? Last week the Railhawks nade the front over DUKE beating Navy who by the way put 76 points on ECU!

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