Video: Duke at the NC Pro-Am (7/13)

Crazie-Talkers Arun and Peter made the short trip from Duke to McDougald Gymnasium on the campus of North Carolina Central a few times this summer, and have been able to get great footage of several of our players in action. Enjoy these videos, featuring Kyrie Irving, Nolan Smith, Seth Curry, Mason and Miles Plumlee, and Josh Hairston. Here’s video from last night.

Kyrie Irving’s pretty darn good, isn’t he? Oh, and Seth Curry can really play too. Miles Plumlee looks like he’s working on his He-Man impression. Even Josh Hairston looks like he’s ready to play quality minutes off the bench.

But check out highlights from last Thursday, where Nolan and Mason did work.

As if having two studs in Kyrie and Seth wasn’t enough, Nolan Smith would like to remind you that he was the most improved player on the team that won the National Championship in 2010. He’d also like to remind you that he’s got some awesome shoes. Factor in confidence in Mason and Ryan’s games, and you have the perfect recipe to wreak havoc in 2010-2011.

Yikes. Look out, ACC.

5 responses to “Video: Duke at the NC Pro-Am (7/13)”

  1. cant wait till CTC…starting to think the Blue/White scrimmage may be the best game of the year lol

  2. We want more video! Keep going to the Pro-Am

  3. Thanks so much for your web site and all your work with the video! Awesome team next year!

  4. Nolan is disgusting. Crazy step through floaters and off balance shots with a pro pg handle, what!

  5. damn 1:53 of vid 2 is sweet honey

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