Deviled Eggs: August 30th, 2010

Every Monday morning, Crazie Talk culls Duke basketball news, articles, and videos into a half dozen of the best “Deviled Eggs” on the interwebs.

Here are this week’s best.

Photo courtesy of Towerview Magazine / The Chronicle

1. Hungry and Humble

Fantastic read on Kyrie from the summer issue of Towerview Magazine. Kyrie is the very first freshman athlete to be featured on the cover in the magazine’s history.

2. New Devils Welcomed

Every year, the incoming freshman class meets in Wallace Wade to meet their fellow freshman athletes. It was pretty cool to see Kyrie, Josh, and Tyler address their classmates on Saturday night.

3. Rivers Sets Visit Dates

Austin Rivers has set a few dates for his official visits, according to KUTheShiver. Austin plans on visiting Duke on October 1st and will be at Late Night with Huckleberry in Chapel Hill on October 16th. No word on whether he’ll stop by at Countdown to Craziness on the 15th.

4. Tyler Adams Refutes Rumors

A few weeks ago, some reports surfaced that Tyler Adams had been in contact with Georgetown and Mississippi State.

5. Boost Mobile Elite 24 Recap

An excellent recap of the Boost Mobile Elite 24 event in Venice Beach, CA, this past weekend.  The event featured one Duke commit, Michael Gbinije, and a number of Duke recruits, namely Austin Rivers, Quinn Cook, Quincy Miller, Shabazz Muhammad, and Alex Murphy.

6.  Coach K Day

Save the date. September 15 will officially be Coach K Day in the city of Chicago.

BONUS: Nolan and Mason count down the Top Ten Plays of the 2009-2010 season!

Deviled Eggs: August 23th, 2010

Every Monday morning, Crazie Talk culls Duke basketball news, articles, and videos into a half dozen of the best “Deviled Eggs” on the interwebs.

Here are this week’s best:

The Plumlee Brothers Dunking Company looks to move to the Fortune 500 next season (Photo courtesy of

1. Plumlee Bros Dunking Company gains worldwide fame

Thanks to a convenient front page video posting on Yahoo, Miles showcased his “alarmingly athletic” jumping ability to the rest of planet Earth by vaulting over his 6-10 brother Mason and finishing emphatically at the rim. The video, shot at Duke’s summer basketball camp, now has over 1.6 million hits on YouTube. The PBDC will be getting plenty of business next year with Duke’s new fast-paced offense spearheaded by Kyrie Irving. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Company’s newest employee in 2011.

2. Kyrie’s new Hoopmixtape

Speaking of Kyrie Irving and new videos, check out Hoopmixtape’s sick new highlight reel of our incoming freshman point guard. Of particular interest is the special guest appearance by Irving’s counterpart at UNC, Kendall Marshall, 55 seconds into the video, when he greets the floor. Kyrie’s got some decent handles. (#UNDERSTATEMENT)

3. Blue Devil Nation breaks down the Blue Devil offseason

Next up is an excellent article by our friends over at Blue Devil Nation which summarizes the summer training done by each of our Blue Devils. We particularly like the references to Ryan Kelly’s newfound confidence in his game and Seth Curry’s aggressiveness/versatility, things which we managed to confirm during our trips to the NC Pro-Am summer league.

4. Seth Curry ready to step into the spotlight

The long wait is almost over for Seth, and you can tell that he’s ready to turn some heads on the court and prove people wrong. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone on this Duke team with more to prove than Curry. He’s been stuck in the shadows of his former NBA pro father and college-superstar-turned-pro brother. He was overlooked by the majority of Division 1 schools coming out of high school because of his size, strength, and the assumption that he couldn’t match his brother’s accomplishments. In spite of being the 08-09 D1 season’s top-scoring freshman at 20.6 ppg, he endured criticism because his accomplishments came at mid-major Liberty and against lesser competition. And finally, after transferring to Duke, he was forced to watch from the bench while his teammates won a national title. So yeah. We’re looking forward to him proving everyone wrong and making his own name. Go get ’em, Seth.

5. What makes a great coach?

ESPN RISE sat down with a few high school stars to see what they look for in an outstanding coach. Among the interviewees were Duke targets Alex Murphy and Shabazz Muhammad, who like their coaches to have close relationships with their players on and off the court and demand respect from their players. We also thought it was interesting that Tar Heel commit James McAdoo listed “motivating players to succeed” as one of his favorite coach attributes. We’re going to assume that he didn’t watch a whole lot of UNC basketball last year.

6. Mike Singler? Kyle Dunleavy? Alex Murphy.

Last but not least, here’s some new footage from of Duke 2012 wing target Alex Murphy in action. The similarities in playing style to Duke’s current #12 and former #34 are uncanny. Maybe he’ll continue the numerical legacy and wear #56 at Duke?

That’s all we’ve got for this edition of Deviled Eggs. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned! Basketball season is just 52 days away…

Duke Bound Kyrie Irving Official Hoopmixtape; Best PG In The Class?

Deviled Eggs: August 16th, 2010

Every Monday morning, Crazie Talk culls Duke basketball news, articles, and videos into a half dozen of the best “Deviled Eggs” on the interwebs.

Here are this week’s best:

Photo courtesy of

1. Team USA’s Teenage Years
Fantastic piece by Duke alum and former Chronicle editor, Mr. Ben Cohen. Hopefully we’ll see Mr. Irving on the gold medal podium someday.

2. SLAM: Chillin’ With Kyrie Irving

Can you tell that we’re huge fans of Kyrie? Seriously, we’re going crazy just thinking about this kid on the floor in Cameron. Fifty-nine days until Countdown to Craziness…

3. R.Kelly Believes He Can Fly
Pun totally intended. Space Jam soundtrack classics aside, this is a great read from Al Featherston on Ryan Kelly’s summer of hard work. We absolutely cannot wait for him to blow up.

4. Adidas Nations Player Evaluations evaluates Nolan Smith, Miles Plumlee, Mason Plumlee, and Marshall Plumlee, as well as Duke recruits Quincy Miller, Quinn Cook, Shabazz Muhammad, Alex Murphy, and Amile Jefferson on their performance at the annual Adidas Nations event, which took place last weekend.

5. 2012 Wing Shabazz Muhammad Sits Down with HighSchoolHoop

Shabazz is a stud and a half.  In this interview with HSH, the name ‘Duke’ seems to come up quite a bit. He’ll be in Cameron for the December 4th matchup with Michigan State. Shabazz, along with 6’8 SF Alex Murphy, are the top priorities for the Duke staff in the Class of 2012.

6. News & Observer: That Dude Will Compete with Irving, Harrow

…to be the ACC’s top freshman. Let HB have his MVP season. Kyrie and the rest of the Blue Devils will see you in Houston.


Roster Updates

Courtesy of Ryan Kelly has grown an inch and gained fifteen pounds, making him the tallest player on the roster at 6’11. Andre Dawkins has also gained fifteen pounds to 205 lbs, while fellow sophomore Mason Plumlee has gained ten pounds to put him at 240 lbs. The only measurements that have not been updated are those of Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith, who have been playing with the Team USA Select squad for the past week.

Five (More) Recruiting Stories to Follow

Way back in January, we talked about five of the biggest recruiting story lines to follow throughout the spring. Back then, Carrick Felix was still being recruited and Maryland de-commit Terrence Ross was still a viable wing option for 2010. Yet we remained optimistic about the state of Duke recruiting.

Well, following that post we won 17 of our last 18 games en route to the 2010 National Championship. So yeah. Optimism abounds these days.

As the summer winds down, let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories to follow this fall into the early signing period.

1. Will Austin Rivers be a Blue Devil after all?

Rivers has had a huge summer, despite the fact that he played relatively few AAU events. Austin played for Each One Teach One at a few Nike EYBL events. A major chunk of his time, however, was spent with the Team USA U-18 squad, which included Duke freshmen Kyrie Irving and Josh Hairston at the FIBA Americas Championship (which we live-blogged here). Rivers took home MVP honors after leading the team in scoring with an unbelievable 101 points in 115 total minutes. Those 101 points included a streak of nine—that’s right, nine—made three pointers in a row. Sounds like a Blue Devil to me.

Rivers has stated that he plans on taking official visits to Duke, Florida, North Carolina, Kansas and Kentucky this fall. In the same journal entry, Austin said that he plans on announcing his decision in December. Despite some heavy hitters in Rivers’ rotation, Duke fans should have little to fear. Austin’s last visit to Duke was in April for the annual team banquet, which celebrated this year’s Championship team. Having been there ourselves, we can certainly tell you that there are very, very few places that could have impressed him as much as Duke did that night. Take that to the bank.

(Correction: Rivers may be deciding earlier than December. Who knows these things, really. But keep an eye out.)

2. What’s Cook-ing?

There has been a lot of talk in the last few months of Kyrie Irving—Duke’s best point guard prospect in a decade—leaving Durham after just a year. Irving has been hotter than a habanero pepper with scouts in the last few months, with speculative draft watchers like placing him second in the 2011 draft. Duke thrives under expert floor generals; if Irving does end up leaving, it’s natural to look toward the next few recruiting classes to see what kind of prospects there are. Near the top of the 2011 board sits Quinn Cook.

Photo: Lara Lee/

First of all, Cook is not on the same level as Irving. He’s shorter, not as quick, and hasn’t yet shown the ridiculous intelligence that makes Kyrie so fun to watch. But that shouldn’t count him out as an important Blue Devil prospect. Here are some facts, you know you like facts.

Quinn has shown himself to be more of a distributor than go-to scorer thus far. He led the USA U-17 team to a gold medal at the FIBA World Championships in Europe this summer, logging 7.8 assists per game. More impressive, perhaps, was Cook’s assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.45 (59 assists versus 24 TO’s). He started all eight games, and played more minutes than heralded Kentucky commit Marquis Teague. These are data that prove something. As a junior, Cook was named D.C.’s All-Met Player of the Year in 2009-10, beating out our own Tyler Thornton (as well as UNC’s Kendall Marshall and Indiana Hoosier Victor Oladipo). Next year, he’ll transfer from national power DeMatha Catholic to national power Oak Hill Academy, the same school that produced two of the best ACC guards of the past five years: Tywon Lawson and Nolan Smith (Smith, by the way, is one of Cook’s closest friends).

So what does that little piece of expository writing say? Quinn Cook is worthy, hell, more than that. We’re going to be spoiled next year by Kyrie Irving, the kind of talent (and positive attitude) that pops up once in a John Wall. But if and when Irving goes pro, we’d be lucky to have a young gun like Cook fill his slot.

3. Would Tyler Adams pull a Felix?

One of the first major “we’ve made it” moments after the recent National Title was the commitment of Mississippi giant man Tyler Adams. That benefit, it seems, may be getting itself windfall-profits-taxed.

A week ago, perhaps-reputable  Mississippi State fansite reported that Adams may be wavering in his commitment to the Blue Devils, and that the ‘Dawgs are still an option. Also, perennial losers Georgetown are still recruiting him post-commitment (I wonder how these guys feel about that). Message boards went wild, flustering about potential academic issues and the name of erstwhile here today, gone tomorrow dude Carrick Felix was thrown around a few times. (Sidebar: Georgetown hasn’t secured a commitment from anyone in the 2011 or 2012 classes since they beat the living daylights out of the eventual National Champions in January. They also flamed out to Ohio—yes, Ohio—in the first round of what was to be our tournament. Schadenfreude. End sidebar.)

Update (11:45am, 8/11/10): Apparently Georgetown has really been in contact. No surprises there.

RT @NationWideNolan: Duke commit Tyler Adams confirmed to me that Georgetown is indeed in contact.Wed Aug 11 11:39:00 via ÜberTwitter

I know nothing about Tyler’s grades, and even if I did, that’s not really my business, or any fan’s at this point. What I do know is that Facebook, bastion of new media resourcefulness, is saying  “don’t worry, it’s going to be alright.” In Adams’ current profile picture, he is wearing a massive Duke Basketball shirt. He has said on that same website that his lack of certainty is just ‘a rumor.’ I also learned that Adams likes to post his statuses in all caps.

Until any further info comes down the pipe, that’s what this is: A rumor, probably trumped up by some Mississippian in twelve dollar overalls scraping barbecue sauce out from under his fingernails down at “The Junction.” Forgive my humor, entire SEC.

Furthermore, Adams is the most jacked of our three 2011 commitments. Whatever needs to be done to keep him loyal to Duke—short of a Calipari tactic, of course—will be done by our coaching staff.

4. Is all hope lost for Miller?

Oh, Quincy. You’re so close, yet so far away.

This blog has developed an attachment to 2011 superstar Quincy Miller over the past year. After Miller attended Duke’s inaugural elite camp in 2009, hope burgeoned that Miller may be as interested in Duke as we were in him. What has proceeded since then has been nothing short of a square dance, with Quincy switching dance partners every few months and keeping everyone guessing about his recruitment.

Quincy is a lighthearted kid; anyone who follows his Twitter knows that. He’s also incredibly media savvy, understanding who his audience is (overly rabid college basketball fans) and having a good time keeping everyone out of the know. But here’s what we do know. Quincy is transferring to Westchester Academy in High Point, N.C., the same school that his friend and Elite 24 teammate Quddus “Deuce” Bello has transformed from random Piedmont private school to hoops powerhouse. Their friendship has translated into some, well, interesting YouTube videos. More importantly from our standpoint is that Miller and Bello appear likely to be interested in playing for the same college as well. HighSchoolHoop reported that Quincy and Deuce will visit Louisville on the weekend of September 4th.The Cards, in spite of Rick Pitino’s recent career shaming trial, are building a solid 2011 class led by Chicagoan Wayne Blackshear. If Miller and Bello matriculate as well, L’ville fans may finally be able to exorcise the Demons of Karen Sypher and get back to the Final Four. Maybe.

Miller and Bello are also considering the Big 12’s hottest team, the Baylor Bears. Scott Drew received a commitment from 2012 center Isaiah Austin this week, and we’re highly interested in what Perry Jones can do there next season. That train has no signs of slowing down.

So does Duke figure in this argument anymore? Probably not. Luckily, we already have a strong 2011 class already, with the strong possibility of adding to it. And I will never be able to dislike Quincy Miller—he’s too talented, hilarious, and comically outspoken to anger anyone. If he goes to Louisville, fine. To borrow from the lexicon of the SEC once more, that’d really “stick in the craw” of many University of Kentucky fans.

5. Introducing Rodney Purvis

Somehow this became a very long article. So we’re happy to finish with a short introduction to 2013 point guard monster Rodney Purvis. Hailing from nearby Raleigh, Purvis has already drawn comparisons to John Wall. Look for Duke to investigate Purvis thoroughly as a future guard option. He’s already checking us out, per his Twitter:

I will be at Duke Midnight Oct. 15th !! #shouldbefunTue Aug 10 18:39:28 via Echofon

For all those not fluent in Twitterese, Purvis will be attending Duke’s Countdown to Craziness on October 15. And it “shouldbefun”.

Here’s some footage of Purvis from this past season. Enjoy.

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Deviled Eggs: August 9th, 2010

Every Monday morning, Crazie Talk culls Duke basketball news, articles, and videos into a half dozen of the best “Deviled Eggs” on the interwebs.

Here are this week’s best:

1. Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler to train with Team USA

After impressing Team USA coaches with the Select Team, Smith and Singler are a part of a group of 10 college players who will be in New York to train with USA basketball. Team USA has an upcoming “friendly” with France, who will be playing without Tony Parker at the World Basketball Championship, at Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

2. Greg Paulus joins Navy basketball staff

Navy has a basketball team? I must have missed that. All jokes aside, congrats to the former Duke captain on his breakthrough into coaching. After a unsuccessful NFL tryout with the New Orleans Saints, Paulus will contribute to the Midshipmen this upcoming season.

3. Duke to play Marquette in early season tournament, possibly Kansas State

Having won early season tournaments in three consecutive years, Duke will head to the CBE Classic semifinals in Kansas City against a familiar foe: Marquette. In fact, the Golden Eagles beat the Blue Devils in the championship of the 2006 CBE. Should Duke avenge that loss, they will probably face Kansas State in what is likely to be a tasty Top 5 showdown.

4. Nolan keeping things in perspective

As loaded as the Blue Devils will be in 2010-2011, co-captain Nolan Smith has not let what “could be” go to his head. Sigh, I guess 40-0 really won’t happen. He recaps some of the losses the team suffered through last year and how it molded them into a championship squad.

5. Andre Dawkins and Ryan Kelly win NC Pro-Am, Nolan named MVP

Dawkins and Kelly were part of the team, Team D1 Sports, that beat Team Hendrick in the final of the Pro-Am. It’s great to see the sophomores get more and more experience, especially Ryan, who will most certainly be given rotational minutes this season. Nolan scored 36, 43 and 28 points in three games. Getting all this playing experience so close to basketball season will certainly help the Blue Devils.

6. Coach K has some tough decisions to make before Turkey

With his team short on big men, Coach K will certainly have to take an excess of guards to Istanbul and the FIBA World Championships. Needing to make three cuts to finalize the roster to 12, Stephen Curry, brother of Seth, and Eric Gordon will be under the microscope as shooting specialists. Curry, 22, and Gordon, 21, are both young and lack international experience, like many on the team, but will certainly provide shooting and defense to team USA.