Breaking: Austin Rivers to Duke

The Rivers will officially runneth through Durham next fall. Austin Rivers, the top ranked shooting guard prospect in the country, committed to the defending national champions on Wednesday evening.

Stone. Cold. Killer. (Photo courtesy of Jason Jordan/

According to a report from The Orlando Sentinel, Rivers informed the coaches at North Carolina and Kansas that he would not be taking official visits to their respective schools.

The news comes just one day before Austin was scheduled to take an official visit to North Carolina. I guess Coach Williams won’t be doing the ‘Soulja Roy’ this weekend. He was probably looking forward to it.

If you’ve read this site for any amount of time, you know that we’re absolutely in love with Austin’s game. Here’s what ESPN’s Paul Biancardi has to say about Rivers’ arsenal:

Rivers is a prolific scorer who exudes confidence and, more importantly, has the ability to lead his team to victory. He is a cold-blooded assassin that has the full package of offensive weapons at his disposal and plays without fear of failure. He has range out to 28-feet, uses the jab-step as well as seasoned pros, an excellent mid-range game, can finish through contact when attacking the basket and has the best NBA-level floater over the bigs of any player in the high school or college ranks.

If that doesn’t get you jacked up, I have no idea what will. Rivers joins Michael Gbinije, Marshall Plumlee and Tyler Adams as future members of Duke’s Class of 2015.

Update: Rivers confirmed the announcement via his Twitter account around 2:00pm on Thursday.

World i have decided to go to duke! Let’s go blue devils ha’Thu Sep 30 18:03:04 via Echofon

So, Crazie-Talkers, you thought last year was great? Just wait. The next three years are going to be one hell of a ride. K is loading up the uzis, folks. Let’s get ready to rumble.

Deviled Eggs: September 27th, 2010

Every Monday morning, Crazie Talk culls Duke basketball news, articles, and videos into a half dozen of the best “Deviled Eggs” on the interwebs.

Here are this week’s best:

#33 Fires Up the Homecoming Crowd (Photo courtesy of

1. Grant Hill: All-Star, Philanthropist, Alumnus, Producer

Duke legend Grant Hill was on campus this weekend to partake in the Duke homecoming festivities. After being introduced by Coach Cutcliffe at the homecoming rally this past Friday, the high-flying former #33 talked about his love for the university and its traditions. But that’s not the only reason he was in Durham. Hill has been working on producing a full-length motion picture about Duke’s legendary track and field coach, Al Buehler. Coach B was instrumental in helping desegregate track and field in the US and bringing international notoriety to Duke’s track program. Coach Buehler still teaches a class here at Duke (the same one that Grant Hill took while he was here), and still has an office on the first floor of Cameron.

2. Cameras Covering Cameron

Can’t really say too much about this particular topic, aside from the fact that Duke Basketball, the Cameron Crazies, the Inferno, and Crazie Talk will soon be headed to a newsstand near you! We had a pretty cool experience last Wednesday at a certain photo-shoot. Keep your eyes peeled! Just sayin’.

3. Gbinije’s Gballin’

Here’s a new video of 2011 Duke commit Michael Gbinije working hard on the summer AAU circuit. We can definitely see him fitting in well at the wing position with his versatile talents on the court. In the mixtape, it looks like he even did a pretty good job of shutting down Kyrie Irving’s former St. Patrick’s teammate and top 5 recruit, Michael Gilchrist. We’re looking forward next year to seeing this guy get gbuckets.

4. Officially Counting Down to Craziness

It’s baaaaaack! Everyone’s favorite midnight madness event will be here in less than 3 weeks! Tickets have officially gone on sale for those of you who can’t join us front and center in Section 17. And sorry…we don’t take bribes. Get ’em quick before they’re gone! It’s bound to be quite a show, highlighted by that beautiful fourth banner dropping from the rafters. We’re planning on recording it all for you from courtside! Duke University Improv’s sure to have some ridiculous videos again. But, personally I think it’ll be pretty hard to top last year in ridiculousness

5. The Museum of…Duke Domination

We’re pretty intrigued by the construction at the new Duke Basketball museum. I guess the fourth title really helped facilitate a rearranging of hardware. I’m only wondering if all this is really worth it since we’re only going to have to shift everything around again after this season…if you catch  my drift…

6. Tyler Thornton on “The Trio”

Last but not least, we have an article by’s Al Featherston on Duke’s “other” freshman point guard, Tyler Thornton. You might expect that Thornton would have been pretty sour about being “recruited over” by our superstar frosh point guard Kyrie Irving. On the contrary. Thornton apparently played a major role in Irving’s recruitment and embraces the idea of having a future NBA PG to go up against in practice every day. Thornton also prides himself on his defense, so we think he’ll fit right in at Duke.

That’s it for this edition of Deviled Eggs. Wish us luck with midterm week…but we’ll be back soon! The season starts up in…what? Seriously? 18 DAYS? #Hyped

Deviled Eggs: September 20th, 2010

Every Monday morning, Crazie-Talk culls Duke basketball news, articles, and videos into a half dozen of the best “Deviled Eggs” on the interwebs.

Here are this week’s best.

Photo courtesy of

1. Duke Dunks

Check out this video for some of the nastiest Blue Devil throwdowns caught on tape.  Everyone from G to Mike Dunleavy (no joke) gets in on the action.  My personal favorite- Dahntay Jones’s poster on Nick Vanderlaan of UVA (:47).   Not bad for a bunch of players that are alarmingly unatheletic.

To our readers – who’s your favorite Duke dunker?

2. Video: Q&A with Chris Collins recently sat down with men’s basketball associate head coach Chris Collins for a Q&A. Collins discusses working with USA Basketball during the 2010 FIBA World Championships, differences between working with the 2008 Olympic Team and the 2010 World Championship Team, facing former Blue Devil and Lithuania National Team player Marty Pocius, plus much more.

3. Chicago Honors Coach K

There’s President’s Day, Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, and now- “Mike Krzyzewski Day.”  The city of Chicago honored Coach K this past Wednesday as the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame’s “Coach of the Year. ” Krzyzewski, who grew up in the suburbs of the Windy City, attributed much of his success to late DePaul baskeetball coach Ray Meyer, a friend and mentor.  Congrats coach, and hopefully Mike Krzyzewski Day can grow to become a national holiday!

4. Saban a fan of Duke Basketball

In wake of this past weekend’s Duke-Alabama “game,” one good news for Duke is that Coach K has at least one extra fan- Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban.  Saban, who appeared on Krzyzewski’s radio show this past summer, had nothing but positive reviews for the Duke coach.  It’s just too bad that he didn’t show too much of that respect during this weekend’s beatdown at Wally-Wade.

5. Quinn Cook and Austin Rivers – Duke’s Backcourt in 2011?

Quinn Cook, one of the top point guard prospects in the class of 2011, was on campus for the Duke-Alabama showdown this weekend. It’s a real possibility that he dons Duke blue next season…along with one of his close friends, Austin Rivers. Quinn will be back on campus on October 2nd for his official visit, while Austin will be in Durham for Countdown to Craziness on October 15th.

6. The Official Austin Rivers ‘HoopMixtape’

I’m not quite sure where my life would be without (though I’d probably have a better GPA), but I know for a fact that I still love checking out their Youtube videos.   They’ve got a new mixtape of Austin, who looks absolutely nasty in this video.  In my opinion, he has to be the number one player in the class of 2011.  No other high school player possesses the same offensive repertoire as rivers- his combination of athleticism, skill, and intelligence has molded him into an elite guard (I love the step-back three at :43).  Countdown to Craziness can’t get here soon enough!

Hungry, Humble and Happy

The Duke basketball program has a lot to discuss with recruits.

The world conqueror is back in Durham, and we're ready to put our championship pedigree to its regular litmus test. (Photo courtesy of

Duke has four national titles in the modern era of basketball, a legendary coach whose teams can’t stop winning championships, one of the best academic acumens in the world…and on, and on, and on.

So the Blue Devil coaching staff has a lot of positives to throw out to recruits (and as Andy Katz reported recently, Wojo and Co. didn’t miss a beat while K and Collins were abroad). We have no reason to resort to negative recruiting, the underhanded and illegal tactics that are souring the world of high school sports and obliterating the “ethics” of coaching. That fact is not pompous, it’s not something that will necessarily last forever. For now, it’s just how things are.

But let’s be real–not everyone has the benefits that Duke fans (and really, UNC fans as well) tote to the high ground. Look at Bruce Pearl. How could a man who hops around half naked at a Lady Vols game imitating the Truffle Shuffle also be a base hoops villain with no respect for fundamental rules?

I know that the NCAA is a bass ackwards organization whose only saving grace is the Big Dance, but really, Bruce. I feel kind of sorry for you. That tan? Yikes. Being perpetually in the shadow of your football program? Tough life.

(Well, Billy Donovan made it work, but he also has Nerf guns.)

It must be difficult for Pearl to have his recruits constantly dipping out on him and his players having frequent run-ins with the law. And after being banned from off campus recruiting for two years, things are just going to get worse and worse at Thompson Boiling Arena. Pat Summit has always worn the pants in this relationship and good lord, man, she always will.

I’m thrilled to be a Duke student for the halcyon days that we have now firmly entered. Our recruiting, unlike Pearl’s, is going along swimmingly. Our targets, unlike John Calipari’s, did not play profe$$ionally in Europe or have their transcripts overhauled to be admitted to “school” (…reportedly). Our prized players, unlike poor Dana Altman’s at Oregon, aren’t jumping ship overseas (check those consecutive ocean metaphors!).

Obviously, the Blue Devil program has had problems in the past. If I had a nickel for every time a rival fan (read: Kentucky) mentioned Corey Maggette and Myron Piggie, and literally snorted like a pig in imitation, I could buy season tickets next to Ashley Judd. And there is no guaranteeing that, in the post-Coach K era, Duke will always attract top talent to Durham or run a squeaky clean program. We can hope, but we can’t count on it.

But for now, let’s enjoy the fruits of success. Coach K is stacking so much paper to the ceiling and slanging so many gold medals that Duke will probably have top 5 recruiting classes until he retires.

The founders of this blog have at least two more years at Duke and in Cameron. With this roster, a coach who has his own holiday, and the Durham community, we’re hoping to ride the wave to Houston.

Crazie Notes featuring Quinn Cook

Duke has offered 2011 standout point guard Quinn Cook, Jason Jordan on DIME Magazine reported yesterday. Thanks for taking our post-Felix advice, guys. Once Cook recovers from his knee injury, he’ll be an absolute star for Steve Smith at Oak Hill. I hope (and kind of anticipate) that Quinn joins Duke and helps fill the hole left by his god-brother Nolan Smith. With Gbinije, Adams and Plum3 already committed (and Austin Rivers possibly on the way), we may be looking a recruiting class to sort of rival 1999. Maybe.

Cook’s highlights from a solid summer are below.

Find more videos like this on BALL IS LIFE


Thanks for all your support of Crazie-Talk, folks. Please leave your comments, thoughts and criticisms in the comments section. You can even tweet and Facebook this article if you want. I love the 21st century.

FIBA Final Will Be Like Duke-Butler on Steroids

Coach K’s teams have a knack for getting in situations where, if victorious, everyone in the stadium will hate them.

If their team wins tomorrow, Turkish fans might just burn this off the map in celebration.

In April, his Blue Devils faced off against Indianapolis hometown heroes Butler in Indy’s Lucas Oil Stadium. 90% of the stadium was rooting for Butler, and probably 95% of the nation joined in (hey, Duke hate produces great ratings). I was at the game. The collective groan when Gordon Hayward‘s shot clanged off the rim was cavernous and sad.

We can apply the same principle to the United States-Turkey game tomorrow in Istanbul, the host nation’s largest city. But multiply it by a factor of ten thousand.

I mean, Turkey has history. Istanbul used to be Constantinople, seat of the Eastern Roman Empire. And their culture has welcomed roundball wholeheartedly. They’ve got serious baggage with another traditional European hoops power, Greece, among other rivals. I’d even venture that basketball is becoming their national sports pastime, replacing soccer much the way football is replacing baseball in the U.S. Even if Turkey’s national basketball prowess is rooted in a 70’s American TV series, they’re nothing to screw around with.

In tomorrow’s gold medal game, the U.S. teams finds itself in a familiar position, but not in a familiar locale. Everyone knows that Europeans take their sports a little more seriously than Americans do. As Pete Thamel of the New York Times tweeted earlier today, there is no atmosphere in American athletics that will compare to tomorrow’s exhibition of national pride in Turkey. In Istanbul’s Sinan Erdem Dom, in the streets, in distant cities of this very large country—there will be riots, fights, hospitalizations, win or lose.

After the national title win over Butler, I ran around the stadium screaming Duke cheers and waving my shirt in the air. American fans in Istanbul, be advised. Don’t do that. If the reaction to Turkey’s dramatic win over Serbia in today’s semi-final is any indication, you’ll want to get out fast, preferably in an armored car.

USA fans watching from anywhere but Turkey will cheer on The Durantula and Co. as they face off with a seasoned squad led by Hedo Turkoglu. The Turks also featured Carlos Boozer’s new Chicago Bulls teammate Omer Asik, who will be an excellent NBA center.

I won’t be surprised by any result tomorrow—a blowout by either team is completely possible, depending on who’s more psyched out by the undoubtedly insane game atmosphere. It’s youth and talent vs. experience and home country advantage. It should be a great game.

Let’s go, America.