Section 17: This Is Duke Basketball (Duke vs. St. Augustine's)

Saturday night, the Devils opened the season with an exhibition game against St. Augustine’s, and after watching from the front row of Section 17, here’s my succinct summary:  Get ready for one exciting season.

Crazie Note: Mute the beat on our video below and play “Pursuit of Happiness” concurrently in a different window. Makes for a great experience.

Duke put on a show tonight, winning 141-68 and dominating from start to finish.  The Blue Devils opened on a 16-0 run, and after St. Augustine’s hit a free throw, they went on another 14-0 run to make it 30-1.  At the end of the first half, Duke led 73-25 and had forced an impressive 20 turnovers.  That’s just scary.

Kyle Singler led the way with 31 points and 9 rebounds and made 6 of Duke’s 19 threes in the game.  Everyone played well though, and I mean everyone.  While this was just an exhibition game, it really showed how much of a true team Duke should be this season.  The team had a remarkable 38 assists on 46 field goals, and every player on the roster got into the game.  Moreover, no one played for more than 22 minutes.  7 players (Curry, Dawkins, Irving, Kelly, Ma. Plumlee, Singler, Smith) had double figure scoring.

The sheer number of alley oops and fast breaks that occurred tonight is just frightening.  We get that St. Augustine’s isn’t really competition, but for a team that’s barely starting practicing, Duke looks ready to blow off the door of college basketball.

Get ready, nation.

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The Brilliant "A Cut Above: 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball." In its Entirety, For Free.

Ever wondered how Duke became the dominant force in the modern era of NCAA basketball? Click play.

To all Duke fans, ACC fans, college basketball fans en masse: this is a must-watch documentary on the history of Duke Basketball, from its roots in the coaching brilliance of Eddie Cameron, the sublimity of Dick Groat (two-time All-American at Duke in basketball, MVP of Major League Baseball in 1960), the tumultuous 1960s and 70s and the arrival of the G.O.A.T., Coach K, in the early 1980s.

Thanks go out to SnagFilms, a brilliant website concept that compiles thousands of documentaries available for FREE to the viewer. Some other features include—at a quick glance—a film about Wikipedia, another about medical marijuana, and this film that somehow involves Morgan Freeman (that should be reason enough, especially if he narrates it).

Thank you to SnagFilms and all that were involved in the production of “A Cut Above.”

Enjoy, and please comment in the box below if you’re so inclined. This is such an amazing film, and so much more interesting from a Duke perspective than this iffy little film from HBO.

Crazie Note: It is best to have a strong internet connection when watching this film. So close out all of your google searches for Kyrie Irving jerseys and check this movie out.

That goes for me too. Does anyone know if I can get “Jake” put on a #1 Duke home white? Hook me up, readers.

Operation Basketball: The Preseason Breakdown

All head coaches and select players from each ACC team gathered in Charlotte, N.C. this afternoon for ACC Operation Basketball, the conference’s annual media event. Among the topics discussed were the predicted order of finish, the All-Conference team, Player of the Year, and Rookie of the Year. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the afternoon’s action.

Each head coach spoke to the media about their team’s prospects in the coming year. Check out Coach K’s season preview with Sage Steele on SportsCenter, which aired earlier today.

Next up: the ACC Preseason Poll. While meaningless, they are undoubtedly enjoyable to look through and analyze. While there is a clear cut favorite this year, the rest of the ACC seems to be a jumbled mess.

1. Duke (61)
2. Virginia Tech
3. North Carolina (1)
4. North Carolina State
5. Florida State
6. Maryland
7. Clemson
8. Miami
9. Georgia Tech
10. Boston College
11. Virginia
12. Wake Forest

As you can see, some idiot gave North Carolina a first-place vote. [Update: apparently, the vote for UNC was an honest mistake. But that doesn’t make that guy any less of an idiot.] At least sixty-one other people acknowledged Duke’s superiority. Last season, as disparate as Duke and UNC were (see: 82-50), both teams were voted at this very event to finish tied for first place. While Duke is far and away the best team in the conference, the teams finishing second through fifth could easily change. N.C. State will definitely surprise people this year, while Virginia Tech may be (for once) a tad bit overrated. Ryan Harrow will give the Wolfpack something to get excited about, while Virginia Tech may not be as good as the media makes them out to be, especially with heralded transfer Allan Chaney unable to play this year due to a heart infection. Our pals over at North Carolina will ride Prince Harry all season. However, the loss of Will Graves, is huge…in more ways than one. (See what I did there?) UNC will face depth issues in the frontcourt for the duration of the year.

Singler was voted to the Preseason All-Conference. He was also voted Preseason ACC Player of the Year. Photo courtesy of

The coaches and media also voted for the preseason All-Conference team, which was once again dominated by Blue Devils. Headlined by preseason All-America favorites, Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler, the rest of the squad was filled out by a trio of upperclassmen – Virginia Tech senior Malcolm Delaney, N.C. State senior Tracy Smith, and Florida State junior Chris Singleton. The only real surprise here was to see no love for Prince Harry here. But we’ll talk about him in a little bit.

In other news, the Kingler was also chosen as the ACC Preseason Player of the Year, leading the way with 38 votes. No real surprises there. Kyle is the most accomplished returning player in college basketball, and is the senior leader of the most talented team in college basketball. However, guys like Malcolm Delaney or Prince Harry could give Kyle a run for his money here, especially since they look to be the focal points of their team’s offensive sets. Regardless, it would be nice to see Kyle get his due as one of the most complete players Duke has had in recent memory. He should lead the candidates in this category as well as voting for National Player of the Year.

K1 should be a contender for ACC Rookie of the Year. Photo courtesy of

The final award that was voted upon was for ACC Rookie of the Year. Obviously, Prince Harry Barnes ran away with this one, garnering 46 media votes.  Barnes, who revealed that his nickname is the ‘Black Falcon’ (I’ll let you all take that for what you will), will enter this season with an unbelievable amount of hype. Guys like Gary Parrish have already crowned him as the leading candidate for National Player of the Year, comparing him to the likes of Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and John Wall in terms of impact. But after seeing Kyrie on court with the team last Friday, I can’t help but think that K1 will be making a serious play for this award. While Barnes will be doing his best to impersonate MJ himself, Kyrie will have the reins to the most explosive thoroughbred in the NCAA this year. I won’t be surprised in the slightest if Irving takes home Rookie of the Year honors.

Countdown to Craziness 2010 Recap

#4 (Photo By Duke Blue Planet)


What an unbelievable event CTC 2010 was. ESPN and the other news crews kept asking if getting in line at 7AM was worth it. Well…you be the judge. We’ll be updating this article for the next few days with pictures and video from our spot front and center in the student section. For now, here’s the highlight reel from an unforgettable Countdown to Craziness. Enjoy:

…and here’s footage from the CTC2010 dunk contest. Andre won it for the 2nd year in a row:

Crazie-Talk made a cameo on the local news, News14 Carolina:

The Countdown

Howdy, folks. It’ s been one hundred and ninety three days since our very own Duke Blue Devils won the 2010 National Championship. Tonight, in the hallowed halls of Cameron Indoor Stadium, we’ll celebrate the inception of the 2010-2011 campaign.

As  a banner in Crowell Quad declares: ‘The Drive for Five begins now.

The Drive for Five.

Today, Amogh, Arun and Scott will check in from K-Ville, as the very first walk up line of the 2010-2011 forms. Doors will open in Cameron at 6:30pm, with the festivities beginning at 8:00pm.  But knowing the Crazies, expect to see some sleeping bags and camping chairs on the sidewalks early tomorrow morning. Obviously, we’ll be there bright and early.

It’s going to be one hell of a day.

6:53am: We’ve arrived…way freaking too early. No one is even close to being in line. Looks like we’ll be front and center in Section 17 for a third consecutive year. I’ll post some pictures eventually, but right now, we’ve just got six dudes in lawn chairs and blankets, getting hype for Countdown to Craziness…which is t-minus thirteen hours away. ‘Til  next time. [AK]

7:52am: There are now 2 more dudes in line… They seem like nice people. Didn’t expect to see anyone else for a while, but I suppose company is nice. And Amogh brilliantly forgot to wear socks this morning. Too bad it’s still freezing out here…[SB]

9:43am: One perk of being here this early: no security in Cameron. Guess what we got to peep as we walked in? [AK]

Bling. Photo copyright

10:56am: Man, those trophies are so pretty. And it’s basically 11:00am, but I’m wild hype right now. Just about fifty people are in line at the moment. Miles and Casey are currently in Cameron, presumably practicing for the dunk contest tonight. The official word is that Miles will be competing with his brother, Nolan, and Andre, the defending champ, for the  dunking crown. Jon Scheyer, LT, Jordan Davidson, and Steve Johnson will make their returns to Cameron as the celebrity judges! [AK]

11:58am: So we just came back from the newly renovated Duke basketball museum. It’s an awesome setup, and they’re still working to finish it up. Here’s a short tour of the museum: [AS]

1:55pm: Still out here, folks.  Line‘s slowly building up.  We had a quick scare as it started raining, but the good news is it seems to have stopped.  J-Will passed by here earlier… Maybe we can get him to give us another endorsement. [SB]

2:26pm: Finally got some photos uploaded! The renovated museum is really something. Should have some more videos and photos up soon! Hopefully @NdotSmitty stops by and hangs out with us! That said, if you’re a student and/or on campus, come by and say what’s up! We’re at the very, very front of the line!

[nggallery id=6]

3:43pm: K-Ville’s starting to fill up! We’ve got about 400 people in line, expecting at least double that amount within the next couple hours. Lots of Duke blue and white everywhere. Jon Scheyer stopped by for a little while – if he comes back, we’re going to try and chat with him. Weather’s beautiful, footballs and frisbees are flying, and everybody’s having a great time. This is what basketball season is all about. Look out for some cool video interviews in the next hour or so!

4:51 pm. Tons of people out here! We’ve got fun for the whole family with inflatables and stuff like that. We just had an interview with Josh Hairston and Tyler Thornton…we’ll post that in a sec. We also caught up with Casey Peters just now.  Tons of Duke dignitaries out here like Jay-Will, and also possible Blue Devils-to-be like Quinn Cook and Austin Rivers. Sooooooooo hyped right now! This whole thing is a Duke fan’s dream.

Here’s our interview with Josh and Tyler:

…and Casey:

Here’s the line at the moment:

It's a festivus. For the rest of us.

*     *     *

Photo courtesy of

Deviled Eggs: Countdown to Craziness Edition, October 11th, 2010

This Monday, we’re doing a special Countdown To Craziness edition of our weekly Deviled Eggs. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re unbelievably hyped for this Friday and for the season to get underway! Stay tuned to Crazie Talk for more CTC coverage, and keep an eye out for highlights from front and center in Section 17 later this week.

Who knows what Nolan has planned for this year's CTC? (Courtesy of

Approximately 189 days ago, Gordon Hayward threw up a last second, Hoosier-esque, half court heave that arced through the air at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for seemingly an eternity. By this point, Crazie Talkers Amogh and Jake, over in the Duke student section, had probably spontaneously combusted out of sheer nerves. The collective nation held its breath, knowing that if this prayer of a shot managed to find its way through the net, it would undoubtedly become the greatest college basketball moment and one of the most memorable sports moments in history. Movies would be made, Butler basketball jersey sales would instantaneously skyrocket, and the hearts of four thousand Duke students eagerly watching in Cameron Indoor back at home would simultaneously shatter.

…of course, we all know how it actually turned out.

For you see, one day in middle school, Gordon Hayward decided to go watch the movie Hoosiers with his bros, skipping one very important math class in the process…y’know, that one class where you learn how to use a protractor? Thus, he miscalculated the x-axis launch trajectory of the shot by less than .5 of a degree, and the ball graciously bounced off the backboard and the front of the rim. “Poor” Gordon. Remember kids: Be cool…stay in school.

The 2009-10 college basketball season ended with a bang, Duke University went up in flames (the good kind), and your Blue Devils won the NCAA championship. Seems like forever ago, huh?

That’s cool and all, but I’m sure you’re asking, “Arun, what the hell does any of this have to do with Countdown to Craziness?” Well, let me remind you, my impatient little bloggers, that any great story with a great ending has to have a great beginning, too. And that’s just what Countdown to Craziness (CTC, for you cool kids) is. Almost a year ago today, the 09-10 Duke basketball season started off with it’s shiny, (not-so) new “Midnight Madness” event.

…Alright, so we didn’t have a big name in the music industry performing live…well, sort of. And yeah, we weren’t unveiling a championship banner.  Oh, and there definitely wasn’t…this.

But there was still much fun to be had in and around Cameron. And the best part? We were front and center for it all (been there for two years straight, actually)! And that’s why I’m here writing this today. Let me help you relive the glorious start to our glorious 09-10 season, as well as assist you in elevating your hype level so that it can, perhaps, match mine! Good luck with that…

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s Countdown to Craziness edition of Deviled Eggs! The first three Eggs are about last year’s event, while the following three focus on this Friday’s. As always, thanks to Dave Bradley of Duke Blue Planet for all the great footage and pics.

Cool truck, bro. (Courtesy

1) Counting Down the Top 10 at CTC

Let’s start things off with an overview of some of the best moments from last year’s CTC. We got our first look at Andre, Ryan, and Mason, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. And of course, The Beard was unleashed.

2) Alarmingly (Un)athletic

Yeah right. Last year’s dunk contest was absolutely ridiculous, and we can expect more of the same this year…but without Olek, unfortunately. I wonder who the judges will be for this year’s event? Maybe Duke’s best dunker of the last decade can make a guest appearance…

3) Schedule of Events

From, here is the event schedule from last year’s CTC. I’d assume that we’d stick to the same schedule and most of these same events will  probably be making a return. CTC, as well as other schools‘ various Midnight Madness events, will be broadcast on ESPNU. Look for an updated schedule of events to be released sometime this week.

***UPDATE***  This year’s schedule of events can be found here.

4) “Are You Not Entertained?!”

Next up, we’ve got an article talking about how Duke University Improv will again be involved with this years CTC event. For those who don’t know, Duke University Improv (DUI) is Duke’s premier improvisational comedy troupe known for YouTube smash hits such as “My New Haircut, Asian Edition” and “Jon Scheyer in 75 seconds“. As you might have guessed, they’re pretty good friends of the basketball team and have worked together with them to deliver hilarious and sometimes…peculiar…videos.

5) Welcome Blue Devils Past, Present, and Future

Blue Devil dignitaries will surely fill the house on Friday night. You can anticipate last year’s squad returning home to Cameron to get their hard-earned championship rings. You can also expect Duke’s future stars to be in attendance, including 2011 commits Mike Gbinije, Marshall Plumlee, and the newest Blue Devil, Austin Rivers.

6) The Fourth Banner

Hopefully it's not gonna hang like that though. (Courtesy

‘Nuff said. It’s gonna be a beautiful sight.

That’s all we’ve got for this special Countdown to Craziness edition of Deviled Eggs. Hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I enjoyed writing it. The show starts this Friday at 7:30PM, with festivities aplenty before then. If you can’t make it to Cameron in person, Crazie Talk will have highlights up on YouTube soon after the event ends.