The Countdown

Howdy, folks. It’ s been one hundred and ninety three days since our very own Duke Blue Devils won the 2010 National Championship. Tonight, in the hallowed halls of Cameron Indoor Stadium, we’ll celebrate the inception of the 2010-2011 campaign.

As  a banner in Crowell Quad declares: ‘The Drive for Five begins now.

The Drive for Five.

Today, Amogh, Arun and Scott will check in from K-Ville, as the very first walk up line of the 2010-2011 forms. Doors will open in Cameron at 6:30pm, with the festivities beginning at 8:00pm.  But knowing the Crazies, expect to see some sleeping bags and camping chairs on the sidewalks early tomorrow morning. Obviously, we’ll be there bright and early.

It’s going to be one hell of a day.

6:53am: We’ve arrived…way freaking too early. No one is even close to being in line. Looks like we’ll be front and center in Section 17 for a third consecutive year. I’ll post some pictures eventually, but right now, we’ve just got six dudes in lawn chairs and blankets, getting hype for Countdown to Craziness…which is t-minus thirteen hours away. ‘Til  next time. [AK]

7:52am: There are now 2 more dudes in line… They seem like nice people. Didn’t expect to see anyone else for a while, but I suppose company is nice. And Amogh brilliantly forgot to wear socks this morning. Too bad it’s still freezing out here…[SB]

9:43am: One perk of being here this early: no security in Cameron. Guess what we got to peep as we walked in? [AK]

Bling. Photo copyright

10:56am: Man, those trophies are so pretty. And it’s basically 11:00am, but I’m wild hype right now. Just about fifty people are in line at the moment. Miles and Casey are currently in Cameron, presumably practicing for the dunk contest tonight. The official word is that Miles will be competing with his brother, Nolan, and Andre, the defending champ, for the  dunking crown. Jon Scheyer, LT, Jordan Davidson, and Steve Johnson will make their returns to Cameron as the celebrity judges! [AK]

11:58am: So we just came back from the newly renovated Duke basketball museum. It’s an awesome setup, and they’re still working to finish it up. Here’s a short tour of the museum: [AS]

1:55pm: Still out here, folks.  Line‘s slowly building up.  We had a quick scare as it started raining, but the good news is it seems to have stopped.  J-Will passed by here earlier… Maybe we can get him to give us another endorsement. [SB]

2:26pm: Finally got some photos uploaded! The renovated museum is really something. Should have some more videos and photos up soon! Hopefully @NdotSmitty stops by and hangs out with us! That said, if you’re a student and/or on campus, come by and say what’s up! We’re at the very, very front of the line!

[nggallery id=6]

3:43pm: K-Ville’s starting to fill up! We’ve got about 400 people in line, expecting at least double that amount within the next couple hours. Lots of Duke blue and white everywhere. Jon Scheyer stopped by for a little while – if he comes back, we’re going to try and chat with him. Weather’s beautiful, footballs and frisbees are flying, and everybody’s having a great time. This is what basketball season is all about. Look out for some cool video interviews in the next hour or so!

4:51 pm. Tons of people out here! We’ve got fun for the whole family with inflatables and stuff like that. We just had an interview with Josh Hairston and Tyler Thornton…we’ll post that in a sec. We also caught up with Casey Peters just now.  Tons of Duke dignitaries out here like Jay-Will, and also possible Blue Devils-to-be like Quinn Cook and Austin Rivers. Sooooooooo hyped right now! This whole thing is a Duke fan’s dream.

Here’s our interview with Josh and Tyler:

…and Casey:

Here’s the line at the moment:

It's a festivus. For the rest of us.

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  1. this is the closest i can get to duke basketball right now. LETS GO DUKE!!! HUGE fan here in daytona beach florida!! LETS DO IT!!

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