Countdown to Craziness 2010 Recap

#4 (Photo By Duke Blue Planet)


What an unbelievable event CTC 2010 was. ESPN and the other news crews kept asking if getting in line at 7AM was worth it. Well…you be the judge. We’ll be updating this article for the next few days with pictures and video from our spot front and center in the student section. For now, here’s the highlight reel from an unforgettable Countdown to Craziness. Enjoy:

…and here’s footage from the CTC2010 dunk contest. Andre won it for the 2nd year in a row:

Crazie-Talk made a cameo on the local news, News14 Carolina:

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Craziness 2010 Recap

  1. Thank you very much for the videos. I normally see the open practice each year and with this years cancellation I won’t see the Devils till their first ESPN appearance. Looks like #1 is too fast for everybody. Doug

  2. Hey,
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!! I was disappointed with ESPN not showing a lot of Duke during Midnight Madness. I hope to see more.

    Where was Zoubek?

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