The Brilliant "A Cut Above: 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball." In its Entirety, For Free.

Ever wondered how Duke became the dominant force in the modern era of NCAA basketball? Click play.

To all Duke fans, ACC fans, college basketball fans en masse: this is a must-watch documentary on the history of Duke Basketball, from its roots in the coaching brilliance of Eddie Cameron, the sublimity of Dick Groat (two-time All-American at Duke in basketball, MVP of Major League Baseball in 1960), the tumultuous 1960s and 70s and the arrival of the G.O.A.T., Coach K, in the early 1980s.

Thanks go out to SnagFilms, a brilliant website concept that compiles thousands of documentaries available for FREE to the viewer. Some other features include—at a quick glance—a film about Wikipedia, another about medical marijuana, and this film that somehow involves Morgan Freeman (that should be reason enough, especially if he narrates it).

Thank you to SnagFilms and all that were involved in the production of “A Cut Above.”

Enjoy, and please comment in the box below if you’re so inclined. This is such an amazing film, and so much more interesting from a Duke perspective than this iffy little film from HBO.

Crazie Note: It is best to have a strong internet connection when watching this film. So close out all of your google searches for Kyrie Irving jerseys and check this movie out.

That goes for me too. Does anyone know if I can get “Jake” put on a #1 Duke home white? Hook me up, readers.