Section 17: This Is Duke Basketball (Duke vs. St. Augustine's)

Saturday night, the Devils opened the season with an exhibition game against St. Augustine’s, and after watching from the front row of Section 17, here’s my succinct summary:  Get ready for one exciting season.

Crazie Note: Mute the beat on our video below and play “Pursuit of Happiness” concurrently in a different window. Makes for a great experience.

Duke put on a show tonight, winning 141-68 and dominating from start to finish.  The Blue Devils opened on a 16-0 run, and after St. Augustine’s hit a free throw, they went on another 14-0 run to make it 30-1.  At the end of the first half, Duke led 73-25 and had forced an impressive 20 turnovers.  That’s just scary.

Kyle Singler led the way with 31 points and 9 rebounds and made 6 of Duke’s 19 threes in the game.  Everyone played well though, and I mean everyone.  While this was just an exhibition game, it really showed how much of a true team Duke should be this season.  The team had a remarkable 38 assists on 46 field goals, and every player on the roster got into the game.  Moreover, no one played for more than 22 minutes.  7 players (Curry, Dawkins, Irving, Kelly, Ma. Plumlee, Singler, Smith) had double figure scoring.

The sheer number of alley oops and fast breaks that occurred tonight is just frightening.  We get that St. Augustine’s isn’t really competition, but for a team that’s barely starting practicing, Duke looks ready to blow off the door of college basketball.

Get ready, nation.

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5 responses to “Section 17: This Is Duke Basketball (Duke vs. St. Augustine's)”

  1. The team had a remarkable 38 assists on 46 field goals, and every player on the roster got into the game.

  2. The passing and shooting was VERY impressive. It looks like K already has this team playing together, very unselfish ball.

  3. This was just an exhibition game, imagine what the guys are gonna look like in a few months! the goat clan down the road are TERRIFIED!! They won’t admit it but trust me they are!!

    Go Duke!!!

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  5. Thanks for all the responses! It was a wonderful game.

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